Lucia's Sarto - Kansas City Fashion Week Fall '16
Invited to provide crowns and accessories for Lucia's Sarto's evening
wear collection. I focused on man-made architecture for inspiration. 
Crowns & Accessories: Christine Nelson (AnnMann Designs) 
Garments: Lucia's Sart: Designer Nataliya Lucia Meyer
Hair & Make Up: Mitsu Sato Hair Academy 
Models: Maddi Nicole Buasri, Anna Carr, Amber Botros, Ambr Lynn, Shaunte Metzdorf, Victoria Gevorkov, Amelia Ellsworth, Rachel Lary, Kamilla Isakova, Liza Korshunova, Audrey White, Jollene Kuo Hastings, Lacey Lacey Lee, Racquel Rodriguez, Shelby Smith. 
Photographers: Jason Atherton, Gene Starr (black and white editorials), Tom Foley (color editorials)
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