Spirit Animal Collection - Kansas City Fashion Week S/S '17
This collection was inspired by Ami Vitale's work and photographs featured on
the cover of the booklet. The runway looks include two warriors, and ten
endangered animals. The booklet was a guide for the audience to connect
with their spirit animal outlining the energy spirit guides give us.
Crowns and accessories by: Christine Nelson - AnnMann Designs 
Garments: Andrea Marie Long
Hair & Make Up Team: Corien Shaw, Alyce Walters, Natalie Sutton, Anna Clair Hurt, and Kat Collett
Models: Megan Vandevelde, Bella Lightner, Sathya Vadivelu, Jillian Bradley, Jatashia Matlock, Saige Peterson, Stephanie Rohr, Yanyan Xiao, Amy Kariotis, Dieynaba Diop, Mariah Kellii, and Laura Finn
Photographer: Crystal Johnson - Paper People Photography
Booklet Design: Rose Runser
Booklet Writing: Karen Palmer - KP Brands 
Booklet Cover Photos: Ami Vitale 
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